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10. Sarah Firth, artist, writer and graphic recorder

April 7 2017

Sarah Firth is an artist, writer and graphic recorder who is interested in exploring the gap between public and private persona. She produces comics which she describes as a “mix of social commentary, philosophy, gender and body related concerns” documenting personal experiences and enjoying the way that her work creates connections with others.

I visited Sarah in her home studio in Brunswick and had a great chat about her creative process, the benefits of finding like-minded creative networks and her graphic novel.

9. Kate Just, visual artist (Produced for The Ladies Network)

March 23 2017

Kate Just is a Melbourne based artist who embraces contemporary culture with a particular interest in the ways that feminism manifests globally. Through her work, Kate invites people to engage in feminist dialogue with the intention of initiating social change. I visited Kate, in her St Kilda studio and we had a chat about her projects. Full article here

8. Carla Scotto, Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Feb 17 2017

Illustrator and graphic designer, Carla Scotto creates work that is values driven reflecting her concerns for the environment. Carla describes her drawings as fast, easy art, engaging her audience with humour to raise awareness about serious subjects. I visited Carla in her studio in Melbourne’s south east and had a chat about how her values inform her art practice.

 7. Daisy Cooper, Ceramic Artist

Feb 6 2017

Ceramic artist Daisy Cooper creates tableware in colours that reflect the natural landscape of rural Scotland where she grew up. I visited Daisy in her Brunswick studio and we had a chat about her work and her creative space.

 6. Trailblazing Women of Herstory exhibition

Dec 9 2016

The Trailblazing Women of Herstory exhibition brought 39 original portraits of trailblazing women together to raise funds for the Global Women’s Project. I met Carmen Hawker, one of the founding members of the Global Women’s Project and we had a chat about the stories behind the portraits and the project.

5. Christina Lew, Writer/PR Consultant

Dec 3 2016

Christina Lew is a writer and PR consultant who manages events at La Trobe University in Melbourne. I visited Christina in her gorgeous home in Melbourne’s north east and had a chat about her work and her creative space.

4. Steph Kehoe, Artistic Director for the Women’s Circus

Nov 14 2016

Steph Kehoe is a theatre practitioner who is the current Artistic Director for the Women’s Circus, a community arts organisation based in Melbourne’s West. I visited Steph in her beautiful home in Melbourne’s north east and we spoke about nurturing creativity, the challenges of funding for the arts and her role in the upcoming Women’s Circus performance, Penelopiad.

3. At Sophie’s House

Oct 25 2016

Most weeks, Sophie opens her house to her friends to join her as she works on her creative projects. Sophie and Ivy discuss the importance of making time for your own creativity when you have young children.

2. Cube Z pop-up art gallery

Oct 11 2016

Cube Z is a 40 foot shipping container converted into a pop-up gallery space in Diamond Creek. Artist Ixia Black, Marketing Coordinator Heidi Crundwell and President of the Diamond Creek Traders Association, Phil Marendaz discuss how this innovative project is inviting the local community to share their stories.

1. Linda Detoma, Ceramic Artist

Sep 15 2016

Linda is a ceramic artist working in her studio in the north east of Melbourne. She describes the importance of having her own creative space and making the time to work on her artwork.